Drifter in Space


Dräger is the new psychedelic-synth-pop band formed by singer/multi-instrumentalist/producer, Spencer Draeger. Having played in numerous bands since his teens in San Francisco, Draeger decided to move to Brooklyn in 2011 to begin a fresh start as a songwriter. Coming from a heavier background in psychedelic rock, Draeger reached success with his first New York band, The Midnight Hollow, mostly for their epic live shows and improvised jams of everything turned up to 11. After a hiatus in 2018, Draeger wanted to give into his guilty pleasure for dance music and refine his songs around huge choruses while still preserving an edge. Using his family’s old name, Dräger was formed in his Greenpoint bedroom.

Surrounded by analog synthesizers, step sequencers, and vintage drum machines, Spencer spent the majority of 2018 practically in solitude of his minimal home studio to create his first album. His layered, edgy, wall of sound made it hard to believe it came from a tiny bedroom. In late 2018 he teamed up with fellow Brooklynite Erik Tonnesen of Holy Ghost! to help form a 5 piece band for for the stage. The full line up live consists of Spencer Draeger, Erik Tonnesen on keys, Chris Stein on drums, Matt Leibowitz on bass, and Ian Holubiak on guitar. Channeling themes of the digital modern age and taking a satirical approach to the narcissisms and anxiety illuminated through technology, Draeger’s first songs take sounds of the past to talk about the future.